Baby Boutique

Baby Boutique (Earn While You Learn)

Have you ever looked at a pregnant teenager and wondered how she was going to meet the physical and emotional needs of a child? No teenager, no matter how mature, can understand the demands of a child. We at TLC of Hastings Pregnancy Resource Center, know this all too well; and we are doing something about it.

Through a nationally acclaimed program called Earn While You Learn we educate and empower our young women and men. Expectant and young mothers and fathers can “earn” new baby clothes, cribs, car seats, maternity clothes, and many other necessities by learning. The program pairs a young woman (couple) with a mentor who meets with her (them) every week. Every lesson earns her money.  Completed homework earns more money. This money can be spent in our Baby Boutique. Everything in our Baby Boutique is new; cribs, car seats, strollers, clothing, diapers, health kits, maternity clothing and much more.

We know that this program makes a positive impact on the lives of young mothers and fathers, and a lifelong impact on their children. Our program helps break cycles of neglect and abuse. 

Empowering young women and men through education is truly saving lives and changing hearts.

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