What Our Clients Are Saying

Tiffany Story

“I started coming here because of an unplanned pregnancy. Coming here has made me more relaxed and prepared for the baby. My favorite Earn While You Learn class has been the “Bonding with the unborn baby.” It was very insightful and useful.” 



 “I came to TLC because I am a young mother who needs guidance and has a lot to learn about how to become an amazing mother. I have learned a lot and I don’t feel judged. I feel like all the classes are very helpful. They all are helping me become a better mom!”



“My favorite part about EWYL is the education. I’ve learned SO much about being a parent and about myself personally (with courses such as “What Type of Parent are You?”) My favorite part of TLC in general is not receiving the baby products, but having friendly faces to talk to that I greet. It really helped me, having a place to go and get out of the house. I needed other adults to talk with when an infant is physically and mentally draining. I was encouraged and reassured I was doing a great job raising my child.”



“My doctor suggested TLC. I knew that I knew a little about how to care for my baby, but to be taught everything else has been extremely helpful. Learning how to care and interact with my child is the best part. My favorite EWYL classes are the ones that teach how my baby develops and how to interact with her.”



“We came here to learn the first steps of parenting. We are attending as often as possible and asking lots of questions. The EWYL class about SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) was our favorite because it is not talked about very much.”

Tom and Kelly


“I love how TLC is faith based. I feel like we can talk about the works of God without being fearful because we are all believes and on the same page. My favorite parts are when we go shopping in the boutique and when I have earned enough mommy money to buy more things. It makes me feel like I have accomplished something great. My favorite class has been the one on bringing baby home. It gets me excited knowing that I am so close to delivery and enjoying the blessing that God has given me.”



"Coming to TLC made me go from feeling terrified about having my baby, to feeling extremely ready and confident. My grandma’s friend knew I was scared so she brought me in. I keep coming back because I have so much more I can learn and I have made relationships with my mentor, Andrea, and Rachel. TLC of Hastings helps me and any other client get ready for baby in a fun way and you get paid for classes. I have learned so much about car seat safety, the meaning of baby’s cries, having a healthy pregnancy, and everything in the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd trimester. Lynn is my mentor and she is one of the nicest people I have ever met. She makes me feel really comfortable and I really feel like I could tell her anything. My favorite EWYL class was what a baby’s cry means. It was the most helpful class so far know the “Owh,” “eh,” and “neh” cries. My favorite thing I have earned is a little black onsie and skirt that has Cheetah print. My favorite part about TLC is you never feel judged. They all feel like friends and you can tell everyone actually cares."



"What I like about TLC is that I get to learn important information and also earn things that might be difficult to get otherwise. What brought me in is the need to be educated and get ready for birth. I’m always excited to come back and learn more. I have learned everything from what is a healthy lifestyle for me and baby, to labor and delivery, to bonding. My mentor is great! She is so easy to talk to. She listens well and gives good advice. I love how she works with babies and is a mother herself so she can prepare me further. So far, my favorite classes have been the ones on bonding. It is such an important milestone in a mother and child’s life. My favorite thing I’ve earned, or will earn, is the crib. It is a necessity that is needed and much appreciated. My favorite thing about TLC is the ambiance, from the paint to the people!"

Hannah and Patrick


"I like coming to TLC because I can learn about my baby and everything that comes along with it.  I first came in to the center because my parents heard about it. I keep coming back because it’s nice to learn while having the support. If anyone asked me about TLC, I would tell them that is an excellent place to go and you learn a lot! I’ve taken useful classes about how my body is changing and how my baby is developing. I also really like my mentor."



"At TLC, I enjoy how you earn while you learn. I’ve learned so much that will I feel very confident when he comes out. Being in my financial situation, I feel it’s nice to earn the things I have. My grandma found the place and thought it would be good for me. Rachel was very nice and friendly. She kept me going in and the Earn While You Learn program which was definitely a big help. If anyone asked me what I like most about TLC of Hastings, I would say how nice everyone is and how understanding they are. The EWYL classes and early ultrasound that I could get at 6 weeks were great! Some of the best things I’ve learned during classes are: feeding, sleeping, learning baby lingo and about SIDS, what’s going on in the womb and how to get ready for the hospital, apartment searching and what to expect during and after pregnancy. My mentor is bubbly, supportive, awesome, encouraging, supportive, funny, sweet, accepting, loyal and a good friend. My favorite things I have earned from the baby boutique are the car seat, diaper bag, and baby outfits. I love what I’ve learned about what it’s like being a baby inside the womb, and I love that TLC is free!"  



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